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While docking your boat at your pier, do you give each guest a "chore" to help dock the boat ... one guest stands on the bow to protect your boat from rough docking while another guest ties lines to piling? Now, imagine being able to pull up to your dock and easily press a button that lifts your boat along with your guests gently and effortlessly out of the water. The benefits of a boatlift include:
  • Eliminate annual bottom painting maintenance and sluggish performance from fouled bottoms.
  • Protect the drive systems from corrosion and electrolysis, and the hull from damage caused by storms, wave action and ice.
  • Save yourself time and energy, with no trailer loading and launching.
  • Relax during storms and high winds.
  • Enjoy your boat with more time for boating.
Boatlifts can even eliminate the need for owning a trailer.

We sell, service and install boatlifts.

In addition to having the knowledge, ability and manpower to service and install all types of lifts, we are an authorized dealer and pervious owner of Hi-N-Dry Boatlifts. Hi-N-Dry boatlifts are galvanized steel so they don't rust. This particular boatlist comes with five year warranty on structure and two year warranty of electrical components of the lift. Hi-N-Dry boatlifts are able to be customized for your special needs and interests.

We also are an authorized dealer of Boatlift US boatlifts. These particular lifts come with a ten year warranty on structure and a two year warranty on electrical components.

All lifts are able to lift boats from under 1,000 pounds and up to 40,000 pounds. Each lift has additional options available with request such as remote, platforms and catwalks.