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To protect your valuable waterfront shoreline, one option as a homeowner is to add a bulkhead. Our bulkheads are built with timber or vinyl and consist of 12'' pile set 6' on center with top and bottom whalers or what is called reverse bulkhead where no piling show. We use three different tie back systems:

  • Batterpile is where we drive the pile at an angle in front of bulkhead and bolt to bulkhead pile to support the bulkhead.
  • Deadman system is where we drive a tie rod in behind the bulkhead, dig a trench and fill the trench with concrete and connect the tie rods to the bulkhead and concrete.
  • Mantaray is where we drive an anchor into the soil; connect the anchor to the tie rod then pull it back to open anchor to support the bulkhead.
Some waterfront residences may require a sea wall of stone, rip-rap, concrete or specially treated wood due to guidelines set by local laws. Hi-Tide Marine Construction is familiar with all local codes and is willing to help you with your decision making and permit needs.